Is your next stop on the map, Hawaii?

Is your next stop on the map, Hawaii?

Is your next stop on the map Hawaii ?

 Here are some tips on shipping a car to any of the connected Islands of Hawaii.
 Hawaii is one of the many destinations tourists flock to all year around. With vast attractions, sandy beaches and scenic roadways why not make it  your next stop. One question customers ask is ,” How easy is it to ship a vehicle to the islands” ?
Transporting a vehicle to Hawaii :
  Even though Hawaii is considered a domestic transport from the mainland United States additional paperwork is required when shipping a vehicle to the each of the Islands of Hawaii. At both ends of the shipment proof of Identification will be asked for as well as contact information, Port of discharge and purchase paper / registration.
Transporting a vehicle from Hawaii :
 The process of shipping a vehicle from Hawaii back to the mainland is more extensive since there are more regulations to meet. You may think that if you shipped to Hawaii before the process will be the samegoing backwards. Shipping a vehicle from any of the islands requires that you provide a certificate of registration and a Letter of Authorization Notarized stating owner is allowing shipment back to mainland U.S or any other destination. Identification of the drop off party is also needed along with contact information to stay in constant communication.
All vehicles leaving and entering U.S ports will be inspected at the exit port to prevent any unlawful material or contaminants. Make sure vehicle is in proper working condition to simply be loaded on the shipping carrier following its inspection and that vehicle intake documents are provided to ensure shipment.
By Gerson F.