The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to or from Hawaii

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to or from Hawaii

With the increase in activity to and from the Hawaiian islands in recent decades, the process of shipping to Hawaii has also been getting increasingly easier and more common. Many Americans packing for vacations or even to permanently relocate, can do so with relative ease and without breaking the bank.
However, when it comes to auto shipping, a high price tag is still expected no matter where in the world your car is going. Here are some money saving tips to get the best for your buck when shipping your vehicle:

• Port to Port service. Port to port means you drop off your vehicle yourself at a port location, and then pick it up yourself from the port located at the destination. Given that you are located near a carrier port (located along the west coast), this kind of service is the least costly because you bypass the need for a transporter to pick up and/or deliver your car for you. Door to door service will cost more.

• Vehicle size. Check with your shipping company for specific vehicle dimensions your car must meet to be eligible for the lowest, standard rates. A large vehicle that exceeds these dimensions will cost extra. Classic and/or exotic cars will costs extra as well, regardless of size.

• Vehicle type. If you have a used or older vehicle it maybe wiser and cheaper not to have it shipped. The cost of shipping may meet or exceed the value of a used car. With used car dealerships and sites like Craigslist you should be able to find plenty of options for a replacement. Pick-up trucks are the only exception as they are very desirable in Hawaii; and can cost twice as much as they do on the mainland.

• Discount offers. Coastal Auto Shipping often offer discounts based on deals they have made with these companies. Other discounts offered can include military discount for active members; As well as student discounts for current college students. Always ask about deals and special offers.

• Use a RoRo ship. Using a RoRo ship means having your car able to roll on and roll off the ship. You can do this if the car is drive-able and sitting in an open carrier. It will cost much less than using a crane to lift cars on and off the ship.

• Open vs. Closed carriers. Open carriers are cheaper than closed carriers. However, if you are shipping a classic or exotic vehicle this may not be the most cost effective or safe option.

• Use large carrier vessels. Though not as common, vehicles can also be shipped via small private boats. Exotic and luxury cars can often be shipped this way but it drives up costs significantly. Your best bet is to go with a large shipping vessel than can carry over multiple cars at once, and choose between open and closed carriers.

• Time of year. Many business slow down in the Winter and pick up in the Summer. Auto shipping companies tend to follow this pattern as well with lower rates in the Winter months. Booking in the summertime can be more expensive.

• Typical shipping price. The typical price of shipping a car to Hawaii is $1000-$1500. Think about this estimate when putting together your auto shipping budget.

• Shop Around. Lastly, do your research on all shipping companies. Get quotes, but be wary of very low quotes, hidden fees, and scams. As a rule of thumb, if your quotes come up under $1000, its likely a scam; or ripe with fees and other costs.