Classic Car Restoration in Hawaii

Classic Car Restoration in Hawaii

What to Know About Classic Car Restoration in Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t just an island of palm trees, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters. It’s also a haven for classic car enthusiasts. Hawaii is home to a slew of antique cars, some of which you’ll see on the road as everyday drivers and some of which are waiting for new owners to fix them up. And with our Hawaii car shipping service, you can take home an unexpected souvenir!


The island features countless auto restoration shops that specialize in fixing up classic cars. If you’re visiting from the mainland, you can ship your classic car back to the mainland — and it’s more affordable than you may realize.

Why Import a Classic Car from Hawaii?

Shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland can be a smart move if you love classic cars. Hawaii has a large untapped inventory of restored and ready-to-be-restored cars that most classic car buyers overlook. They think it’s too cost prohibitive to explore, so they simply skip the Hawaiian market altogether. This means you may stumble upon overlooked gems at great deals!


The practice of car shipping from Hawaii is growing, meaning processes are becoming more streamlined and therefore more cost-effective. With transporters making weekly runs, often loaded with vehicles, some of those savings are passed on to you.


It’s safe, convenient, and saves time, plus you can score a great find in Hawaii that might not be available stateside.

How Much Does Hawaii Car Transport Cost?

Prices to ship a car out of Hawaii can vary based on several factors. There’s the port of departure (e.g. Hilo, Honolulu), which can affect shipping fees. The size of your vehicle will factor into the price, as larger vehicles take up more space and may therefore cost more to ship. The day of the week, time of year, and current demand can influence price, too.


There’s also the matter of where you’re going. You can ship your classic car to mainland ports, such as Tacoma or Long Beach, each of which may experience slight price variations. If you’re not port-specific, our team can provide you with multiple quotes so you can choose the option that works best for your budget.


Overall, car shipping costs from Hawaii to the US mainland start at roughly $1,200. However, you’ll want to request a more accurate quote so you can set the right expectations.

How to Book Car Shipping Out of Hawaii

Your best approach is to work with a Hawaii car transport specialist that can offer safe arrival, damage-free guarantees, and transparent pricing. These are the reasons Coastal Auto Shipping has become the most trusted name in Hawaii for car shipping. We offer transport from multiple ports in Hawaii to mainland USA to give you more options and flexibility in your budget.


From handling all the necessary paperwork to preparing your classic car for safe transport, we take care of all the fine details so you don’t have to. We’ll even provide you with tracking once your vehicle is in transit. Contact us today for a free quote — then go ahead and buy the car!