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What is car

Car shipping, also known as auto transport or vehicle shipping, refers to the process of transporting cars or other vehicles from one location to another. This service is typically used when people or businesses need to move vehicles over long distances, such as between cities, states, or even countries. At Coastal Auto Shipping, we provide step by step guide to vehicle shipping. Whether its a domestic or international learn more about our services below.

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The #1 provider of Hawaii Car Transport to and from the Islands. Staying true to the Spirit of Aloha & backed by a proven track record of success.

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The #1 provider of Puerto Rico Transport to and from the Islands. Count on us to deliver peace of mind. Tambien hablamos Español!

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We are an international shipper, facilitating a smooth exportation of your cargo or vehicle from the U.S. to all international destinations.

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Nationwide Shipping


Door to Door direct shipping service to perhaps even the toughest locations across the nation. Using only seasoned veteran drivers.

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The leading provider of services to ship a car to and from Alaska. With shipping options from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kodiak & Juneau.

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Domestic Auto

Car Shipping to and from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Overseas and
Auto Transport

We cover international vehicle shipping to almost every corner of the globe.


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Do you need International car shipping?

International auto shipping, also known as international car shipping or overseas vehicle transport, refers to the process of transporting vehicles (such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, or other automobiles) across international borders or overseas to different countries or regions. This service is typically required when individuals or businesses need to move vehicles between countries, whether it's for personal, commercial, or other reasons. International auto shipping involves a series of logistics, documentation, and considerations due to the complexities of crossing international borders and complying with various regulations. Experienced International Shippers Coastal Auto Shipping prepares you in all key aspects including Documentation, Customs Regulations, Transport Methods and Maritime Insurance.


Open Carrier
Vehicle Transport:

The affordable way of transporting your vehicle in an effective manner. Trucks commonly used as ways to transport vehicles to dealerships can also be used to transport your vehicle. Providing a cost efficient and reliable door to door auto shipping service.

Auto Shipping:

What we call in the industry ” White Glove Shipping” The enclosed auto shipping transport service is mostly used when shipping Classic and Exotic vehicles across the nation. The vehicles will be completely covered and secured NOT exposed to any of the elements while in transit.


We provide a Door to Door direct motorcycle transport service to and from every state in the U.S. including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Motorcycles can be transported on Open or Enclosed carriers accommodating each customers preference. Full Insurance will be included on the rate for this service making your motorcycle move safe, fast and reliable.

Reliable Vehicle Shipping

Choosing a reliable auto shipping company can be a daunting challenge. So, what do you do if you need to move your car a considerable distance without driving ? With over 15 million vehicles being purchased and families moving a vehicle. There a number of reasons you might need vehicle shipping services from a location to another. A low cost solution instead of shipping your car maybe to have someone drive it, perhaps a local friend looking for a cheap way to get back home. This may seem inexpensive but it puts wear and tear on the vehicle. You may also find insurance issues and , after all someone else is driving your car. These auto transport services are even more limited if purchasing a vehicle from an auto auction. The best alternative which can be less expensive than you think , is an auto shipping service. This service is provided by auto carriers nationwide and estimates are typically by calculated distance, fuel cost and weight, but also on area availability. Auto transport rates can vary from day to day.

The reason why is because prices will vary widely depending on the auto carrier you select. Options you can consider are open carrier transport and enclosed auto shipping. Typically open auto haulers are less expensive but your vehicle will be exposed to elements and provide more chance of damage. Enclosed auto shipping can seem more expensive but its secured the best choice if transporting an exotic or classic car. When shipping a car from state to state always make sure to ask for proper paper work on the pick up and destination. This ensures proof of coverage while the vehicle is on the auto transport truck.

Auto shipping is not only a statewide or nationwide service we expand overseas domestic or internationally. We can ship a car to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Extending your auto relocation to Europe, South America, Central America and even Asia. If you are looking to ship a car overseas make sure you have proper paperwork of the vehicle and proof of ownership. The title and valid identification are some of the documents required. To better assist you on making a decision on your next auto transport, give Coastal Auto Shipping a call today. We are the premier choice for auto shipping statewide, nationwide and worldwide.


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