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1. What is the process when transporting my vehicle ?
You can obtain a instant auto transport quote online or call Coastal Auto Shipping directly at (888) 207-3176. After you receive your quote and complete your order either by phone , email or fax the documents are submitted and order is placed. The order will be scheduled to a driver based on the dates you provide for pick up. Once the driver is assigned to the order you will receive a call with 24hr notice to let you know at what time the pick up will be. When the driver gets to the pick up location he will inspect the vehicle making sure to document any scratches , dents or other impurities the vehicle may have. All this information will be written on what’s called a Bill of Lading and be given again at the delivery.

2. How will my vehicle be transported ?
Vehicles can be transport in a several ways. One being a standard open car hauler just like the ones that dealerships use. An alternate option is enclosed auto shipping which means the vehicle will be completely covered. Visit our service section to better identify the methods of transport.

3. Will my vehicle be fully insured while in transit ?
Yes ,vehicles while in transit are fully insured.Documentation or a Bill Of Lading are also provided at pick up and delivery. Drivers will inspect the vehicle at pick up and delivery locations to insure that no damages occurred while in route. For Open Vehicle Hauling insurance covers up to $75,000 for each vehicle on the carrier. Enclosed Hauling will insure vehicles on the carrier up to $1,000,000.

4. How long does it usually take for shipment ?
The average coast to coast transports take roughly about 7-10 days while in transit. To better provide you with details on your move please give us a call today.

5. What are the payment methods accepted for the shipment ?
There’s a reservation fee which can be made with any major Credit Card/Debit Card, Cashiers Check or Money Order. If there’s a remaining balance to a carrier method of payment are Cashiers Check or Money Order. Full payments on an order must be done by Personal Check, Cashiers Check or a Money Order when the order is placed.

6. Can I put personal items inside the vehicle ?
As a courtesy drivers permit up to 100 lbs inside the vehicle. Items allowed are clothing, books and kitchenware etc. (If shipping overseas to states including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska this does not apply)

7. If I’m not the at the pick up/ delivery location can someone else be there for me ?
If the customer on the order form is not at the pick up or delivery location some one else can vouch for them. The person just has to be 18 or over to be able to sign off on the documentation given by the driver.

8. What is the difference between terminal and door to door direct service ?
The difference between a terminal service and a door to door service is the way the vehicles are transported. In terminal the vehicle is transported from multiple terminals or from various locations across the U.S. until reaching final destination. We don’t provide this service because your vehicle can be moved around by different carriers while in transit. To avoid any misunderstandings if something occurs we service door to door , one drivers picks up the vehicle and the same driver will deliver the vehicle.

9. When will my vehicle be picked up ?
Your vehicle will be picked based on the fist available date requested. We require a 3-5 day window for pick up depending on the time of the year. Keep in mind drivers have other vehicles to be picked up before, unforeseen delays can occur.

10. Are you licensed and bonded ?
Yes. We are Licensed and Bonded certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or ( FMCSA ). You can identify that we are regulated federally to arrange all passenger transport in interstate commerce by looking up our MC #889311.

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