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    Shipping times will vary depending on where you're shipping your vehicle from, weather conditions, and other unexpected delays. On average, coast to coast transports takes 7-10 days. You can save yourself time by delivering/picking up the car yourself at specific port locations. Once out on open water, it takes about 10 days for the carrier vessel to reach Oahu. Transport to Hilo, Kahului, and Nawiliwili take an additional 7 days.
    The typical shipping price can vary depending on what type of service is needed. Shipping larger, vintage, or specialty vehicles can cost more. Other factors on final price are the type of service (door to door, port to port) and type of carrier (open vs closed) that you choose to use.
    This will only apply when shipping out of Hawaii.
    In order to ship your vehicle you will need:
    -Original Title and Registration of your vehicle
    -A letter of Permission from the Lien Holder if you lease your vehicle
    -Valid proof of insurance
    -A booking number provided by the auto shipping company
    -Photo ID
    Yes. We provide excellent service in shipping specialty, vintage, and luxury vehicles.
    The US mainland ports are located along the West Coast in Tacoma, WA; Los Angeles and Oakland, CA.
    Hawaii ports locations are in Oahu, Honolulu, Kahului, Nawiliwili, and Hilo.
    We offer port-to-door service and door-to-port services on mainland US territory. Local towing service on the Hawaii islands is currently not available.
    Auto shipping is very safe. All vehicles are chained and locked in place while on the delivery truck, whether they are on opened or enclosed carriers. Though enclosed carriers offer extra safety and protection from weather and debris. Once on the ocean carrier vessel the car will be loaded onto the belly of the ship and not exposed to the elements.
    You can track your vehicle by visiting Enter your booking number or Vehicle Identification Number.
    If shipping overseas to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Alaska personal items are not allowed.
    To properly prepare your vehicle:
    -Clean your vehicle inside and out
    -Repair chips or cracks on windshield
    -ensure vehicle is in drivable conditions
    -Run gas tank down to 1/4 tank of gas or less
    -Empty the car out of personal belongings
    Two methods are used in overseas shipping: Ocean Liner(boat) and Air Freight. Shipping by boat is the most common and inexpensive option. Air freight is typically reccomended for vintage, luxury, or high priced vehicles.
    Nationwide shipping is available through us wherever you are in continental U.S. You can also drive the car and /or pick it up yourself. Stateside ports are located in Jacksonville, FL and Pennsauken, FL. The port location in Puerto Rico is Puerto Rico Port, San Juan.
    Estimated $1500-$3000. Final Prices depend on factors such as your location, service type (door to port), the size and type of vehicle you are shipping, season of the year, gas prices, and carrier availability. Puerto Rico also adds an Import Tax to your final price. For the latest Import Tax contact the Treasury Department in Puerto Rico, information available below:
    Edificio Intendente Ramirez
    Address: 10 Paseo Covadonga, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico. PHONE: 787-721-2020
    -Car title/Proof of ownership
    -Photo ID
    -A physical address in Puerto Rico
    -Vehicle Registration
    Shipping a vehicle form Puerto Rico back to mainland US has additional requirements. You will need:
    -Vehicle Registration papers from Puerto Rico.
    -Car title/Proof of Ownership
    -Internal Revenue Voucher
    -Certificate of Pre-inspection
    Call us today for more information.
    It depends mainly on your original location. If you don't live near a stateside port your car will need to be transported to the ports located on the East Coast, and from there it is shipped off the to Puerto Rican Port. It is an estimated 3-8 days, with an added two days to unload the vehicle off the carrier.
    Si, hablamos Espanol.
    No personal items allowed in overseas shipping.
    A link will be provided on the Crowley website.
    - Vehicle must be cleaned inside and out, no personal belongings left in vehicle
    - Gas tank must 1/4 full or less
    - No chips or cracks on windshield
    - the emergency break in proper working order
    - The first thing you have to do is shop around for a reputable car shipping campany based on your needs. You can visit our home page for more information on our car shipping services.
    - Get a free auto shipping quote and reserve your shipment. All the details of your auto delivery will be discussed at this time.
    - Once you have booked your shipment you will be assigned a transporter. The transporter will know your location and the approximate time frame of your delivery.
    - A vehicle pick-up date will be scheduled. And an "estimated delievery date" will be generated based upon the pick-up date.
    - Lastly, the vehicle will be delivered to its final destination.
    Prices vary depending on your location, the size of the vehicle, and ultimate destination. The price for a standard vehicle is about $600-$1000. The larger the vehicle the higher the shipping price. Another factor is weather and carrier availability. Shipping prices are also higher in the summer months and lower in the winter.
    Door-to-door shipping is available anywhere in the U.S. However, it is not without its challenges. If you're not located near a common shipping route it can take much longer to pick-up your vehicle. It will also be more costly to factor in additional mileage, travel time, and gas. It is reccomended that you drive your car to the nearest city, if possible, for a more successful and timely pick-up.
    Open carriers are the most common and affordable option for vehicle shipping. Multiple vehicles can be transported at once in an open trailer. Closed carriers are reccomended for high-end, luxury, or vintage vehicles. Cars will travel with added protection from weather and other elements. Both carrier options are very safe; and expected to meet rigorous standards of service.
    Up to 100lbs additional weight is allowed as courtesy for no extra cost.
    We transport trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, heavy equipment, and containers.
    Yes. Call us today for more information on our expedited shipping services.
    Yes. We offer Military and Student discounts.
    In door-to-door transport we pick-up and deliver at your doorstep. If your location is difficult to access a good drop-off or pick-up point is your nearest largest city. Our experienced team can accomodate your needs no matter your location. Call us today for more information.
    Shipment tracking is available on our website. Visit for more information.