Looking to ship a car to and from Hawaii? Here are the best rates.

Looking to ship a car to and from Hawaii? Here are the best rates.

Shipping a car to and from Hawaii?

Car shipping, also known as auto transportation, is a service that allows people to ship their vehicles from one city/town to another in the United States. Shipping a car to and from Hawaii is a comprehensive, daunting, and time-consuming process because it requires careful planning, preparation, and a transportation schedule.

It also includes a complete checklist, such as cleaning your vehicle, inspecting the exterior and interior, the pickup location, and safe delivery by the shipping company/service. There are dozens of car shipping services in Hawaii. Choosing the best one is always challenging for people.

While there are numerous factors to consider, price is the biggest concern for people. A reliable and experienced company does not swindle customers with hidden fees and additional charges.

Instead, it gives you a fair rate and gets the job done well based on your requirements. The question is: What are the average rates to ship your car from and to Hawaii. Today’s article will answer this question and give you some essential details. Read on!

Hawaii Car Transport Rates

Research shows that the average cost of shipping a car from the mainland United States to Hawaii is $1497. Likewise, the average shipping cost from Hawaii to the United States mainland is $921.

Bear in mind that each company has its own price rates that depend on various factors, such as the quality of service, the distance from a mainland city to and from Hawaii, etc.

For instance, if you want to ship or transport your car from Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco to Honolulu, Kahului, or Hilo, expect to pay between $1,479 and $1,879.

We are a reputable car shipping company, and one factor that distinguishes our company from others is affordable rates. We have shipped thousands of cars for years from and to Hawaii with utmost care and protection. So, if you are looking to ship your car, SUV, truck, or minivan to and from Hawaii, look no further than our shipping services.

We have years of experience in the car shipping industry and know how to get the job done adequately by transporting your vehicle safely and securely without any complications. We offer various shipping options according to your requirements, preferences, and budget. Thus, we give you a hassle-free service!

Hawaii Container Rates

Generally, shipping companies offer various options to their customers when shipping their vehicles to and from Hawaii. For example, you can choose to ship your car inside the container, open transportation, or enclosed services.

Bear in mind that each option or service has its own shipping rates, depending on the company’s quality of service, pickup and delivery location, the distance between point A and point B, your car’s type, model, insurance, etc.

So, if you choose the container option, expect to pay 30% to 40% more money than the standard shipping service. The purpose is to ensure reliability, convenience, and safety.

Because your car’s safety and protection are of the utmost importance, shipping your car to and from Hawaii via the container is worth your money. We recommend enclosed transportation for luxury or high-end cars.

The best thing about container transportation is that you can transport or ship other goods. Remember, this is beneficial for people moving to Hawaii. Distance, size, and weight are the primary factors determining car container shipping rates.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more flexibility, increased security, no damage, and protective transportation to and from Hawaii, you can rely on our service. We will give even better rates than the average rates.

Affordable Car Shipping Rates for Military

Military personnel can leverage special discounts offered by our car shipping company. Whether you are an active military member or among the retired ones, you can benefit from our affordable car shipping rates.

Our discount rates for military personnel are more affordable than other companies and the current market rates. The U.S government has made substantial efforts to care for the protectors of our country.

The government has created military-friendly car shipping policies. Our company strictly follows the regulations and ensures each military member receives the best possible discounts, whether active or retired.

If you are military personnel, you can benefit from the government’s coverage for one POV shipment. However, you have to pay yourself when you ship more than one car or multiple vehicles. Remember, when you choose our company for military car shipping, you will have peace of mind because we offer quality services at the most affordable prices.

BBB Accredited Car Shipping

Experts recommend browsing the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to find a reliable and cost-effective car shipping company/service. For instance, coastal auto shipping is listed under BBB accredited car shipping service with years of experience, extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional staff.

We can transport your vehicle to and from Hawaii reliably, conveniently, efficiently, safely, and affordably. Once our team takes the job, you won’t have to worry about your car’s safety because we have implemented high-level security protocols to transport your vehicle professionally.

You can find our company on BBB’s website. Companies screened and accredited by BBB provide premium-quality car shipping services. Many people think that BBB accredited shipping companies are expensive. Although this is true up to some extent, our company stands out from the crowd.

The reason is that we offer reliable and professional car shipping services that save you time and money. All our packages are cheaper than the current market rates. We believe in long-term business relationships and ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Final Words

Although you can find dozens of companies that offer car shipping services to and from Hawaii, not all are the best and do not provide safe and cost-effective services. We are a BBB-accredited, licensed, and fully insured car shipping company with extensive experience, skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art transportation equipment. Contact us today for more information on our shipping services.