Military Car Shipping Hawaii: Transport Your POV

Leased POV – If you have a leased vehicle that you’d like to ship out of Hawaii, you’ll need to get approval from the lien holder, which must be provided on the leasing company’s letterhead. Your Military orders will also suffice, will just need to bring a copy at the time of drop off in Hawaii. If your Permanent Change of Station is going to Hawaii. You will only need to prepare your vehicle (See Preparation Below).

Transit Times: Depending on which port you’re shipping your POV from or to, it can between two to four weeks for it to arrive in Hawaii. Another factor that affects the transit times for arrival is when the ship is scheduled to leave and weather. Make sure to keep these things in mind and plan ahead of time!


Hawaii Auto Shipping For Military PCS: Registration & Discounts.

Registration – Once your vehicle arrives in Hawaii, you will have to register it locally. To do this, you must contact the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicle Registration (DMV). There is a 30 day window to register a POV in Hawaii that starts on the day of your arrival (See Transit Times Information Above).

Discounts – Many commercial auto transport companies offer discounts to members of the military, both active duty and retired. When you contact a prospective shipping company to get a cost estimate, make sure to mention your affiliation and inquire about available price reductions.

Preparation – Before your POV can be shipped, it should be cleaned and checked for any fluid leaks. Any POV that is transported needs to be operational and have a functioning emergency brake. If there are cracks in the windshield or the vehicle is otherwise not safe to operate, it will not be eligible for shipment. Keep in mind if preparation will vary if your Auto Shipping to Hawaii vs Auto Shipping from Hawaii.


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