Terms & Conditions

By using Coastal Auto Shipping LLC. services you agree to all the terms and conditions stated herein, which cannot be modified by anyone except for Coastal Auto Shipping LLC.

Coastal Auto Shipping LLC is fully licensed bonded by the FMCSA and registered with MC license 889311. This agreement is between solely the customer and his, her or its duly authorized agents, (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), and Coastal Auto Shipping LLC.


1. We agree to arrange and fulfill transport of vehicle(s) or items described in quotation on or about the dates available depending on the carrier/transporter schedule. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC will designate a carrier/transporter to fulfill the terms and conditions of the agreement. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC will also designate a shipper to fulfill the terms and condition in case of shipping overseas. Pickup and delivery are estimated dates based on a window of time. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC will not be held responsible for any delays of any reason, unless caused by human error. After Coastal Auto Shipping LLC has confirmed a scheduled pick up with a reliable carrier, Coastal Auto Shipping LLC has fulfilled part of the service agreement. Once the vehicle arrives at final destination Coastal Auto Shipping LLC has completed the service agreement.

2. The carrier will not be responsible for any damages not resulting from carrier negligence. The customer verifies the vehicle is free of contents; therefore Coastal Auto Shipping LLC and the assigned carrier do not take responsibility for personal items left inside the vehicle. No personal property shall be transported in customer’s vehicle(s) that includes, Explosives, Guns, Ammunition, Flammable Products, Narcotics, Negotiable and Legal Papers, Alcoholic Beverages, Jewelry, Furs, Money, Live Pets, Live Plants or any unlawful contraband. Unless the carrier and customer have agreed otherwise. When shipping overseas NO PERSONAL ITEMS ARE ALLOWED.

3. Auto rentals due to unforeseen delays, damage, accidents, acts of God or any other reason may NOT be honored.

4. If a carrier is to be sent to the location to acquire the vehicle and the vehicle is not there, unavailable, relocated or cannot be picked up for any other reason, the customer/client authorizes Coastal Auto Shipping LLC to charge an additional $150 re-posting fee that will be added to your transport order. Which is sent to the dispatch department for rescheduling. The owner of the vehicle or customer must in their absence, designate another person 18 or over to act on their
behalf at the pick up or delivery location.

5. The carrier will not be responsible for any damages which may have been caused freezing of an engine, cooling system, batteries, or due to fluids leaking, etc. The carrier will not take responsibility for any exhaust system, mufflers, tail pipes, or any mechanical function damage to include engine, transmission, rear end, drive trains, wiring systems, air bags, clutches, computerized components. The carrier will not take responsibility for any convertible tops which are loss, torn or have visible wear.

6. The carrier has primary insurance and is responsible of your vehicle during transport. All claims are settled at actual cost. All claims are to be made to the actual carrier that transported your vehicle(s). You can use the Bill of Lading as a reference for information regarding the claim process. No claims or legal action of any kind may be initiated against the transportation broker; all claims for damage must be made to the carrier or transporter. Damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading and signed by Customer regardless of weather conditions, time of day or day of week. Signing the Bill of Lading and inspection report without notation of any damage verifies that Customer has received his vehicle(s) in satisfactory condition, and that Coastal Auto Shipping LLC./Carrier and their agents are relieved of any further responsibility. Carrier damage claims are covered by a minimum of $750,000 public liability and property damage. All claims must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of delivery.

7. International orders or overseas shipment will not include ocean freight insurance. In some cases, the ocean shipper will provide a standard insurance. If not applicable to your order ocean freight insurance will be sold separately and can be as much as 2% of the value of the vehicle depending on the insurance agency. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC will not be responsible for any country import fees, taxes or storage fees which can be incurred after arrival at the port. Once the vehicle arrives at final destination Coastal Auto Shipping LLC has completed the service agreement.

8. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who violates any of the terms and conditions which were written above. An administrative fee will not be refunded if at any point threats, harassment, we feel are unnecessary causing cancellation of your order. If Coastal Auto Shipping LLC has actively worked on your order administrative fees may be applied.

9. If Customer will be absent, customer can designate a person to act as their agent at the point of pickup and/or delivery if for any reason they are unavailable. Customer understands and accepts that all terms and conditions remain applicable when designating such an representative.

10. After all efforts are made to ensure the shipment of your vehicle are exhausted, the broker may contact you to discuss and arrange different possible options. In some cases, if in fact your vehicle is not scheduled for pick up within 30 days from your first available pick up date, you can be entitled to a full refund of the broker fee on the order. Refunds can take up to 10 business days to process after the order has been cancelled. Coastal Auto Shipping LLC can impose a $45.00 charge back fee for dispute and processing of claim.

11. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.


Orders can be cancelled with a two week notice from the original ship date; cancellations have to be made by email to: [email protected] stating the reason for the cancellation. The REFUND POLICY is on our company website www.coastalautoshipping.com/privacy-policy.

Coastal Auto Shipping LLC.’s U.S. Department of Transportation Broker’s license number is 889311.

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