The Best Family Cars of 2018

The Best Family Cars of 2018

If you have a family, you need a family car. You will need them for comfortable road trips, convenience, and safer travels for family outings or vacations. And as your family grows finding the right car to fit these qualities is a must!

There are many more factors involved with family cars than with other car purchases; such as child seats and cargo friendliness. And with all the choices available on the market the process can become overwhelming. Whether you are purchasing a family vehicle for the first time or perhaps luckily upgrading, one thing is for sure: being informed is key; and for that you have come to the right place. Using sources from the top sites1 on car purchasing we have made a full, all-factor considered, list for the best family cars of 2018. So lets get to it!


Mini Vans

Winners: Honda Odyssey 2018

Priced at $30,090+. Minivans are often a dreaded category since they are suually associated with antiquated soccer moms. However, the Honda Odyssey is worth the consideration. Perks include: ease of entry despite minivan large size, ample space for gear, easy car seat installation.

Three Row SUVs

Winners: -Volkswagen Atlas

-Chevrolet Traverse

-Honda Pilot

-Toyota Highlander

This category is the next best thing to a minivan, but with more room. Perks: seats 5+ people, comfortable, fuel efficient, easy drive, great leg room, 5 out 5 star rated steering (Volkswagen Atlas).

Two Row SUVs

-Ford Edge

-Acura RDX

-Honda CRV

-Chevrolet Equinox

These Two Row SUVs can be mistaken for your typical luxury SUV, but not as pricey. Priced at $36,000+ (Acura RDX). Perks: highend features (heated seats and sunroof)!, new beautiful colors, good option even if you are tall.

Full size SUV

-Chevrolet Tahoe

-Ford Expedition

Powerful vehicles for powerful families. These are the top of the class in stregth, endurance, security and amazing ameneties. Perks: 3 Row seating, significant upgrades from previous models, lighter in weight, suprisingly fuel efficient, best driving manners (Ford Expedition).

Best SUV-wagon

-Subaru Outback

-Kia Soul

Wagons aren’t always on the popular list. But these options will make you think twice. Perks: The Kia Soul (priced at $16,200+) is the lowest-cost family vehicle on the list with the highest safety rating (DMV.org). The Subaru Outback comes with integrated rails and crossbars on all models. Wonderful choice for the outdoor family!


-Honda Accord

-Chevrolet Malibu

If your family doesn’t look like the Brady bunch or perhaps you have older children, Sedans are still a classic choice for family cars. Perks: better gas mileage compared to larger vehicles, ease of entry/exit, models are getting increasingly roomier, they are great as hand-me-down to your teenager.


-Toyota Prius

For the Eco-conscious family that also wants to save some money. Priced at $23,475+. Perks: 52 MPG! dubbed ‘the car of the future’, wireless charging, large enough to fit the family plus gear, saves about $500 a year on gas compared to a non-hybrid vehicle of its size.




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