Transporting Your Classic Vehicle

Transporting Your Classic Vehicle

            Car shipping is popular throughout the country for many reasons including an online car purchase, moving to a new home, or need for transportation during a vacation or business trip.

Car shipping is common and safe for many different types and styles of vehicles. However, classic vehicles are a special case. Antique cars or valuable classic cars need extra care and attention, making it imperative that you choose a company that has specific knowledge and experience in caring for these kind of vehicles.

            Coastal Auto Shipping can help you make the best decision possible here are a few tips to consider:


  1. Find a company that specializes in antique car transporting. There are many shipping companies to choose from. However, not all have the necessary equipment (such as nylon straps) needed to transport classic vehicles safely. So how do you find the best company? Do some research in your area or online. Ask around museums, local car clubs, car collectors, and auction companies about recommendations. All of these are good places to start and once you’ve found your company that’s half the battle won.


  1. Look for service that will transport your car in a closed carrier. In the case that you can’t find a shipping company that is reputable and experienced in classic vehicles then the next best thing is to look for a service that will transport your vehicle in a closed carrier or single car carrier. Most shipping companies will give you the options for open or enclosed auto shipping . Don’t be easily swayed by companies offering low prices on enclosed carriers. This often indicates the quality of service you’ll be receiving. And although open carriers are most common and more economical, consider that a classic valuable vehicle is safer in an enclosed carrier to decrease the likelihood of property damage.


  1. Ask for extra security measures. If the company hasn’t already offered them, don’t hesitate to ask for extra safety features in the transport service. A reliable shipping company will always provide various insurance policies. Don’t put a price on your peace of mind and go ahead and splurge on a more expensive insurance policy that is more inclusive if you feel your vehicle is worth it.


  1. Prepare your car for pickup. Once you’ve decided on a company and chosen your carrier type then you are ready to book your transportation. Before your car is picked up it is a good idea to do some inspections, and make sure pictures are taken. These inspections should cover every detail of your car and can be done by you, the carrier once they arrive, and even a third party that you trust. Have the car clean inside and out. Make sure there are no loose items or personal belongings inside the car as these might be damaged or cause damage while in transport. Give written instructions to the carrier with anything they’ll need to know about your specific vehicle, such as fuel cut-off and hidden switches, alarm instructions, or any other information required to start the car. If there is any preexisting damage to the vehicle the carrier will make a note of it prior to pickup. Make sure your vehicle is inspected again upon delivery in case you need to make any damage claims.


 Finally, the most important tip to remember is to take your time, even if you are in a rush, to do proper research and gain as much knowledge as you can about the car shipping company, their policies, and the process of car transportation. Take this as a time to get to know your vehicle and why it is so valuable to you. This way you and your vehicle are sure to have a good car shipping experience.