Snowbirds & Auto Transport

Snowbirds & Auto Transport

The snowbird season happens every year during Autumn and Spring.
During the months of September through as far as December.Customers
are shipping their vehicles from the North to the South due to the cold
climate. Then again in the Spring South to North. These routes can
include Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas. The most common and
busiest routes are from the Northeast to the state of Florida. With hundreds of vehicles being transported during the Snowbird season it is best to prepare in advance to not only save valuable time but also some change. It is during these transport seasons the auto transport business peaks and the rates get higher. Which could make finding a carrier to provide a transport of a vehicle almost impossible. In some cases due to extreme climates transport is not even possible. As a precaution please make sure to go over with your transporter dates of pick up and potential plan B and C’s in case weather does not permit shipment.


On instances some customers will take the daring task of driving themselves to avoid extra charges. Keep in mind driving in bad winter conditions is extremely risky. You can be stranded in cold conditions without being to move. Leaving the task to auto transport professionals will cut down on any unnecessary spending’s like food,hotels,gas or even automotive damage. Preparing for these seasonal relocation’s well  in advance will definitely save you a headache. Don’t be left out
during the winter call, Coastal Auto Shipping and prepare your
auto transport well in advance.

By Alex D.